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The brand with the 3 blobs.

Chinese whispers

As the MBAs travel the world, I am seeing more and more examples of the random nature of legal restrictions in different countries. These recent examples where snipped by Ralph in China. First we have what looks like an imitation of adidas. Clearly the Chinese have no way either of controlling this blantant imitation, or of responding to the complaints … Continue reading


Ultimate branding

How many companies have the branding clout to advertise without mentioning the company or brand, but by only showing a logo. Those that can have understood the value of brand icons. Good one… (in case you’re wondering: Nike. Thermals, given the tick.)

The Maggi mnemonic

Remember me

Nestlé subsidiary Maggi has been building a mnemonic – or brand property – for years. It’s a very simple device that focusses your interest specifically on their product, in keeping with the AIDA process. A spoon: The intriguing thing about this everyday kitchen implement is that when you realise you watching or reading a Maggi ad, you start looking for … Continue reading