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Washes whiter

How do you update a brand without making it look like what you had before wasn’t perhaps as good as you were making it out to be? For years people mocked the iconic Persil for claiming it washes whiter. What, like it didn’t wash white before? And what is ‘whiter’ anyway? The Unilever/Henkel people are familiar with the headache of … Continue reading


Summer activity

In a market where a loyal customer counts as someone who buys your product 4 times a year (washing powders), it’s always difficult to keep people interested. Let’s face it: nobody spends their whole day thinking about washing powder. Especially in the summer, lots of Mums and Dads are on holiday or away, out and about in the evenings and … Continue reading


Packed posters

A simple guideline for designing posters – ask yourself, “How long will people stand in front of the poster and take everything in?”. The answer will normally be, around a second. I was once told that a poster should be a simple headline – better still your slogan – with a picture underneath of the product champion. And never plaster … Continue reading



A typical approach taken by Procter and Gamble (P&G) to capture people’s interest is the classic problem-solution trick. Here you show what the world is like or would be like without the product, then show the solution – ie the product the company is advertising. It’s usual head on with functional benefits. Henkel in Germany have used the approach as … Continue reading