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Eat ice in Stuttgart

Hot off the press: Stuttgart – which like any other modern city, has to market itself – has unveiled a new logo to compete against “Barcelona, New York and Oberammergau” (quote kessel.tv). The new logo adorns the possible new brochures… My instant reaction was: Fancy an ice cream?!? Kessel.tv, from whom these images are sourced, reacted similarly with “Hmmmmmmm, I … Continue reading

Cutting edge design (Image: gadgetgrid.com)

Cutting into new markets at Porsche

Porsche’s joint venture talks broke down with Volkswagen some time ago, so now it seems they’re looking for new ways to make money. According to the Handelsblatt article sent to me by Philip, we can expect to find 150 Porsche Design outlets in countries ranging from Dubai to Delhi by 2014. Now, if splashing out on a Porsche and roaring … Continue reading

Classic New York

Big sour apple

New York New York, fondly known as The Big Apple since the 1970s following a promotional campaign by the New York Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, has rebranded. Gone are the allusions of juicy cosmopolitan razzmatazz, gone are allusions of grandeur, gone are the sky-scraping daredevils and high-rise high fliers. NY is differentiating itself (again), to move on from the contrasting … Continue reading

ACORN website screenshot

Big Brother

The classic approach to segmentation in consumer markets used to be demographics. I remember clearly as a brand manager at Unilever presenting my target group as C1C2D, women, over 35. Not surprisingly, this was a traditional hairspray brand. But in the 80s, marketing people got wise to the fact that people may be in a clearly defined demographic group, but … Continue reading