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Not for split personalities

WO72 winners

‘You’ll never eat alone’ was the tagline used by the winners of the latest case study. They took on Pringles and came out conquerors, beating the other three groups with a concept that married the idea of sharing crisps in 2-in-1 split(ting) packs with a sideways jab at Pringles: “Pringles is for singles” was the just one of the many … Continue reading


WO44 winners

The last case study of this kind for a long time to come was won by a group that, in my opinion, cheated just a little bit by extending the confectionery or chocolate ideas we should have been working on, and moving into snacking. This of course allowed them to hijack the Pringles brand (maybe this is “market stretching”?). Anyway, … Continue reading


Passing off

Compared to ‘me-toos‘ I would say this a blatant example of “passing-off”. This is where rather than copy, you actually pretend to be the original. The brand owners of Pringles, global cruncher Procter and Gamble, are probably doing their level best to shoot this upstart out of the water, but lurking somewhere in a backwater of the tiger economies in … Continue reading