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A bizarre endorsement

Like testimonials, product endorsements are a powerful way to convince undecided customers that they can indeed move beyond attention, interest and desire in the AIDA process and get to action – ie, buy. To work, you normally choose an endorser with positive values, somebody of authority perhaps, an expert, someone with a emotional image that you trust. When I saw … Continue reading


Merkel’s not amused

I see Ryanair has been upsetting people again. This time in France. UK residents will be used to their slapstick approach. And they’re clever at saving money on testimonials. They use people in the public eye (like comical Ali, the Iraqi information minister) but not in a serious way (otherwise the celebrity would feel “used” and stop the campaign). So … Continue reading


Interesting news

What better way to involve the potential target than tune into a current news item or talk about something that interests the audience. This is what discount airline Ryanair did during the invasion of Iraq. They took a topical character and splashed him into the press advertising (for free – no need to pay any fees). The message was clear … Continue reading