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Enough to make Telekom see red

Gaining coverage

One way to attract interest and get people liking your brand is to talk about something that occupies their thoughts. With mobile users, being available and (these days) having good and fast data access is important. So what better way to attack your competitor than expose their weakness: bad coverage. I like this example because it’s showing that German companies … Continue reading


Magenta in Malaysia

Following a mega deal with Royal Dutch Shell, German Telekom off-shoot T-Systems is now actively operating in Malaysia after taking over its global DP systems. You may be familiar with the corporate colours of Telekom and as happens with many strongly branded companies, a mention of the name is enough to conjure up a world covered in flags, logos and … Continue reading


Turkish consumers

While more and more people in west European countries complain about the rising number of immigrants, some marketing departments are recognising the demographic shifts and responding to the opportunity. In the States this started happening a long time ago. The Mexican population alone numbers more than 15m – that would be a whole country in Europe, it’s the size of … Continue reading