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Enough to make Telekom see red

Gaining coverage

One way to attract interest and get people liking your brand is to talk about something that occupies their thoughts. With mobile users, being available and (these days) having good and fast data access is important. So what better way to attack your competitor than expose their weakness: bad coverage. I like this example because it’s showing that German companies … Continue reading


Taking responsibility

This post is dedicated to those of us who have published marketing materials and then, to our horror, discovered that there’s a major error. Everyone else spots it straight away – so why didn’t we? Both of these examples are German. The first one I also didn’t spot. Erlebisse instead of Erlebnisse – click the image for a less pixely … Continue reading

>Literally: "Vodafone connects mobile people worldwide. In Germany D2 is "There live" [There live/Live Dabei being the previous D2 slogan]

Emotional news

I once had a boss who said never do advertising unless you have news for the customer. Not sure I totally agreed with him, but I guess having something interesting to tell people is always useful in advertising. It’s even more useful if you can pull in their emotions. When German mobile company D2 became Vodafone, that was news enough … Continue reading