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Selective attention for Volkswagen

Many marketeers are baffled by the things their target audiences remember from their advertising. I once worked on a food ad where everyone remembered that the woman in the kitchen licked her finger (an attempt by us to add appetite appeal). Probably because some people think too much about hygiene. Sadly they remembered nothing about the yummy ingredients, let alone … Continue reading

TV ad for smart, vs environmentalists

Good car for sex?

Thanks go to Jan-Hinnerk for pointing out another example of German car makers using their new powers to do comparative advertising. It used to be forbidden here, but as you may already know from the story of Smart’s little battle with the new Mini, the car makers in particular enjoy a public spat in advertising. This latest kindergarten ner-ner argument … Continue reading


Keep it simple, silly

Over the past 40 or 50 years, the amount of information in advertising has dropped significantly. We don’t have time to read long explanations. We already have to cope with up to 1500 advertising messages a day, so sitting and absorbing information has become a luxury few of us can afford – these days capturing people’s interests works on a … Continue reading