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Cultural hotpot

Often perplexing yet understandable problems between different cultures
Marketing is difficult enough at home, but cross borders and it’s easy to put your foot in it. These posts are dedicated to marketing managers and companies who somehow ended up going in the wrong direction. It also includes eyebrow raising mismatches that just look very funny and often completely out of place to foreign visitors.

Marketing mishaps

Oops, could try harder…
Dedicated to marketing people and advertisers who really should have thought a little bit longer about what they were doing. I’m not blaming anyone. Nobody working in marketing has much time to think things through, let alone stop and ask customers what they really think. But by the time the idea hit the market the entrails of the original idea lie bare on the pavement, for cynical critics like me to snigger at and point accusing fingers. All right. You’re forgiven.

Next please

Ideas that should hit the target, inventions this world is still waiting for
A request for someone somewhere to finally launch a product that gives customers what they quite clearly need. An unanswered need in the market, a product opportunity that would surely succeed, a chance for an entrepreneur somewhere to beat the big boys to it and seize the potential quickly!


Thoughts and questions – business and marketing issues mulled over.
Me being philosophical about something of a business or marketing nature. What if, why, etc. Comments and contributions welcome.

Watch and wait

Interesting trends, things to look out for…
Curious developments that arouse my curiousity. Trends and changes probably worth following.

Market research (MR)

Insights into issues, ideas and mishaps, in the intricate world of market analysis, market research and understanding customers. Posts under this category (the smallest on the blog) generally link to issues discussed on my opening MBA course on market analysis.

MBA Notes

Seminar notes and marketing stories, mainly for reference purposes for MBA students on my Marketing Management and Market Research courses. During the seminar I will have given you the link direct to pages (see course notes) or mentioned the search keyword.

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